Working Mum: How to Find Child Care

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Child Care Centre FAQs

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Most parents often wonder whether they should take their kids to a childcare centre. The truth is that the dilemma is often caused by misinformation and twisted facts about child care centres. Below are several child care centre FAQs to help shed light on the benefits of child care centres and help you as you choose a facility for your child.  How Do Child Care Centres Operate?     Childcare facilities offer a wide range of services depending on your needs. Read More»

Extra Things to Ask About When Choosing a Child Care Centre

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If you’re in the process of choosing a child care centre for your child’s care, then you might have looked into things like the child care centre’s pricing and reputation. There might be a few questions that you have forgotten to ask, however. These are some of the extra things that you should ask about when choosing a child care centre. What Will You Be Expected to Send With Your Child? Read More»