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Extra Things to Ask About When Choosing a Child Care Centre

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If you're in the process of choosing a child care centre for your child's care, then you might have looked into things like the child care centre's pricing and reputation. There might be a few questions that you have forgotten to ask, however. These are some of the extra things that you should ask about when choosing a child care centre.

What Will You Be Expected to Send With Your Child?

There are a couple of reasons why you should ask about what you are and are not expected to send to the child care centre with your child each day. Some child care centres provide nappies, for example. Some provide meals and snacks for the children in their care, while others expect parents to send along all food that their children will eat during the day. It's important for you to know about these things for a couple of reasons. For one thing, this can help you determine your budget and help you choose a child care centre that is affordably priced. After all, a facility that charges slightly higher rates but includes everything in their rates might be more affordable overall. Additionally, you'll obviously want to be sure that your child is properly prepared and that they have everything that they need when they arrive at the child care centre each day.

What Are the Hours of Operation?

Of course, you will need to find out the hours of operation for the child care centre. Some facilities open earlier in the mornings and close later in the evenings than others, and you'll need to check into this so you can choose a facility that offers care during the hours that you might need to be at work, or during which you might have other obligations.

What Paperwork Do You Need to Fill Out?

You might need to fill out various paperwork before sending your child to a child care centre. You might need to fill out paperwork about your child's medical history, vaccination records and any allergies that they might have. Make sure that you have all of this paperwork filled out and ready to be turned in before your child's first day at the child care centre.

How Do You Check for Closures of the Child Care Centre?

Overall, you should be able to count on your child's child care centre to be open every day, based on its regular schedule and operating hours. However, occasionally, closures might occur due to things like extreme weather conditions. Enquire about how you can check for closings or how you will be contacted so you will know what to expect.