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Child Care Centre FAQs

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Most parents often wonder whether they should take their kids to a childcare centre. The truth is that the dilemma is often caused by misinformation and twisted facts about child care centres.

Below are several child care centre FAQs to help shed light on the benefits of child care centres and help you as you choose a facility for your child. 

How Do Child Care Centres Operate?    

Childcare facilities offer a wide range of services depending on your needs. For instance, family daycare centres offer child supervision services. Typically, your child spends their day at the home of a child care services professional. Most family daycares provide kids with an opportunity to socialise with their peers. Besides, the kids play games aimed at helping develop communication and critical thinking skills. Daycares have varying programs. For instance, some run the whole day while others operate during specific hours. 

Conventional child care centres have a formal program. Typically, the facility is more like a school. Most child care centres have a curriculum that helps prepare kids for formal schooling. For instance, the kids learn simple arithmetic and grammar. The teachers at the facility also help identify and hone your child's talents. For example, must and painting classes can help identify your child's artistic skills. 

Are Child Care Facilities Safe For Your Child? 

Child care centres undergo regular assessments to ensure they are safe for the kids. For instance, the building must meet fire safety standards to prevent fires and ensure quick response in case of a fire. Moreover, the facility should have appropriate washrooms for the kids. The playing equipment such as swings, slides, bouncing castles, and merry-go-rounds must be in excellent condition. 

It would also help if you examined the facility's health standards and policies. For instance, what measures does the facility take to ensure the foods served are high quality? Ideally, the facility should conduct quality checks to examine the food quality and identify allergens that could cause allergic reactions in kids. Furthermore, the facility should compel parents to immunise their kids and provide their health information. This way, they can react quickly if the child develops an illness while in school.  

Who Sanctions Child Care Programs? 

You could be worried about the values that your child will develop while at the childcare facility. In this case, examine the program to assess if it aligns with your worldview or the values you would want to teach to your child. The rule is to ensure that the program is approved by government agencies and certified by child welfare associations.