Working Mum: How to Find Child Care

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4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Daycare Center

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Many first-time parents may not know what factors they should consider when selecting a daycare center for their child. This article discusses some things that you should consider so that you select the best daycare center for your child. The Staff-Child Ratio It is better for you to select a daycare center where staff members handle a small number of children. This is because you will be sure that your child will be given adequate attention throughout the time that he or she will spend at the center. Read More»

4 Work-Related Commitments That Make You Eligible for Childcare Rebates

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Some people may think that only those who have jobs can qualify for the childcare rebate offered by the Australian government. However, individuals who are engaged in activities that are related to work commitments can also receive those rebates. This article discusses some of those acceptable work-related commitments that can make you eligible for receiving a childcare rebate. Setting Up a Business You can qualify to receive a childcare rebate in case you are engaged in the different activities that are related to setting up a business. Read More»