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4 Work-Related Commitments That Make You Eligible for Childcare Rebates

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Some people may think that only those who have jobs can qualify for the childcare rebate offered by the Australian government. However, individuals who are engaged in activities that are related to work commitments can also receive those rebates. This article discusses some of those acceptable work-related commitments that can make you eligible for receiving a childcare rebate.

Setting Up a Business

You can qualify to receive a childcare rebate in case you are engaged in the different activities that are related to setting up a business. For instance, you may spend several hours of the week getting business premises ready for a new business that you are setting up. You can add up those hours and submit them together with your application for the rebate.

Looking for Work

People who are looking for work can also be eligible for the childcare rebate provided by the government. For instance, the hours that you spend as you attend job interviews can be considered a work-related activity. Similarly, you may also include the hours that you may spend as you visit different people to write job recommendations for you. This is because such steps may be prerequisites for qualifying for some jobs that have been advertised.


Individuals who are undertaking a study programme in order to gain the skills that are needed by employers can also receive the childcare rebate from the government. For instance, you can apply for the childcare rebate if you spend several hours each day attending a trade school.


Some people may do voluntary work in order to acquire the skills that are needed for some jobs. For instance, you may decide to be a volunteer worker with a research company in case you would like to learn record management skills. Such additional skills may give you an added advantage in the job market because you will be able to do several things outside your primary professional field. You can, therefore, apply for childcare rebates during the time when you are doing that voluntary work.

Government childcare rebates have several conditions, such as the requirement that a child should be current in all his or her expected immunisations. It is therefore prudent for you to find out what all those applicable conditions are before you launch your application for the rebate. You can also contact the relevant authorities, such as the department for human services, in case you have any queries about the entire childcare rebate process.