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How To Choose A Child Care Centre

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A child care centre is important in helping your child transition to the school system. Teachers at daycare are patient, creative and responsible. Your child develops academic and communication skills, which boosts their confidence. Daycare centres also help you resume your work commitments. Here are a few tips that can assist you when evaluating a child care centre. 


Thorough research is the best way to commence your analysis of a daycare centre for your child. For example, you can speak to parents whose children attend the centre. Online discussion boards and reviews are also excellent places to seek advice from parents in your position. You can share your concerns and have other parents and professionals answer your questions. 

This insight helps you come up with ideas for handling your issues. For example, you can meet parents who took children to daycare at your child's age. The advice also gives you the confidence to make decisions for your child, family and career. 

Class Size

Daycare has numerous similarities to a school. For example, small class sizes imply that the teacher pays more attention to individual kids. Another aspect of class size is the space. The class should have enough ventilation and space for children to play and nap. Hence, you may tour the place and gain some insight before you decide. 

Class size also determines how fast your child gets over separation anxiety. For example, the child interacts with several kids daily, alleviating their fear and reluctance to be alone. A large class is also appropriate in ensuring that the child develops their social skills. These skills make your child more comfortable around people other than family members. 


Daycare staff take part in catering for your child's developmental and academic needs. Hence, the staff's educational background and experience are critical considerations. For example, teachers trained in handling medical emergencies are a valuable addition to daycare centres. Teachers with professional certifications and licenses are also an added advantage. 

Most daycare centres also have volunteers who can help minimise the workload for teachers. You may not have the time to ask about all the intricate details regarding the daycare centre's staffing. However, the license of a daycare centre helps certify that the authorities conducted background checks and that all staff have the required qualifications. 

Some valuable tips when evaluating a child care centre include conducting research, checking class size and scrutinising the staff.