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Should You Choose Family Day Care over Centre-Based Child Care?

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If you are a working parent, you must select the right care option for your young one. Your choice will determine the comfort of your child, their growth and your peace of mind. In general, there are two primary possibilities to consider if there is no family member available for the task. These options are family day care and centre-based care. Both are favourable because they are designed to provide early childhood care and education through trained professionals. 

Also, you should note that the care frameworks are regulated to ensure the safety and wellness of the children. The primary difference is that the centre-based care is provided in a school-like setup. On the other hand, family day care is operated in the educator's home. Unfortunately, numerous parents only consider the former route because it is the standard. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of choosing family day care, consider this short discussion on the subject.

Comfortable Environment

When choosing a child day care strategy, you must think about the comfort of your child. Often, children suffer from distress due to the sudden change from their home into an alien environment. This emotional strain will affect their growth, and their discomfort will translate into stress for you and the rest of the family. If you are concerned about the process of adapting to the changes, you should choose family day care. The child will spend the days at their caregiver's home. Therefore, the transition will not be difficult.

Flexible Hours

If your work and lifestyle involve unpredictable hours away from home, you should elect family day care over the centre-based alternative. In general, child care centres run like normal businesses. In simple terms, there are strict opening and closing hours. This structure is essential because the educators and other caregivers cannot remain in the institution. Family day care will offer more flexibility because the educator is working from their house. You can negotiate care for your child during the standard hours, evenings, weekends and even overnight.

Acceptable Age Range

Centre-based institutions cannot provide education and general care for children in different age groups. Typically, the setup is similar to a regular classroom; optimal results are achieved when the children are at the same level. Family day care usually involves a small group of children. Each of the young individuals can be taught separately without conflicts. Therefore, there is no strict age limitation. This framework can be beneficial if you want all your children to learn in one place.