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4 Active Ways to Entertain a Child with a Broken Arm

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Taking care of kids is challenging at the best of times, but it can feel impossible when one of the children in your care is injured. A broken arm means a bulky cast that gets in the way of many activities and leaves children sitting around bored and miserable. That doesn't have to be the case, though. With a little extra thought and care, many physical activities can be made safe and fun for a child with a broken arm. Read on for four fun ideas you'll wish you thought of earlier.

Beanbag Target Practice

Set up some targets in your garden and let your child have fun throwing bean bags to hit them. Make using one arm an extra part of the challenge, and if there are any siblings or friends playing, have them tie one hand behind their back before throwing to make things fair. You could use plastic tubs as goals, awarding more points the smaller the tub is. You could also use chalk to draw targets on the ground, making sure they're close enough that your child doesn't get frustrated.

Miniature Bowling

Bowling with large pins and a heavy ball isn't a great idea with a broken arm, but miniature bowling can still be fun. Set up crayons, action figures, or miniature bowling pins, then let your child use a lightweight ball to knock them down. This is a great way to keep their other arm moving, ensuring it stays strong and healthy. To get your child feeling positive about their recovery, promise a real bowling trip once their arm has healed.

Garden Treasure Hunt

A broken arm doesn't mean your child has to stay indoors. Set up a garden treasure hunt with items that you only need one hand to grab hold of. You could hide clues which take your child from one location to the next until they win a prize, or simply stash gold coins all over the garden for them to find as they please. Remind your child to be careful while playing so they don't set back their recovery time.

One-Arm Dance Contest

Who says you need two arms to dance? Put on your child's favourite tunes, tie one arm behind your back, and go head to head in a one-arm dance contest. Mark out space on the ground to ensure that dancers don't bash into each other, as this could further injure your child's arm. Ask another parent to judge the contest - and make sure your child wins something!

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